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This is the page of SE (sound effect) material.Please use after reading use agreement.
In addition, all files serve as 44.1khz, 128kbps by MP3.

For convenience' sake, the non-sound of 0.030[s] -0.200[s] is put in before and after sound.

It can try listening, if play is clicked.

The method of download 
When using Win, if the right click of the play is carried out, a dialog will open.
When using Mac, if play is pushed for a long time, a dialog will open.


Please click a page name. It can go to the page on which the file is put.
is displayed on the page to which the material was added.

SE(sonud effect)page1
Cursor movement, Click, Window open, Window close, OK, Alarm, Up, Down, Quiz game, In addition system sound, Scene conversion

SE(sonud effect)page2
Footstep, It strikes, Fall down, Katana, Knock, It grinds, It drags, Hungry, Gulp down, Fracture

SE(sonud effect)page3
Switch, Beam, Explosion, Encounter, Display fireworks, Can, Metal, Swing, Bubble, Computer, Bird, A mosquito, Beast, It groans, Truck, Airplane, Siren, Japanese train, Rope, Arrow, Block

SE(sonud effect)page4
Camera, Typewriter, Phone, Phone(old type), In addition SFX


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