Jingle no happa

The leaves of Jingle

This is the page of Jingle material.Please use after reading use agreement.
In addition, all files serve as 44.1khz, 128kbps, and a stereo by MP3.

It can try listening, if play is clicked.

The method of download@
When using Win, if the right click of the play is carried out, a dialog will open.
When using Mac, if play is pushed for a long time, a dialog will open.

kind file name time [s] play
LOGO appearance logo1 4.545 play
logo2 3.422 play
logo3 1.855 play
logo4 2.560 play
logo5 2.325 play
Win win1 4.676 play
win2 2.456 play
Lose lose1 2.586 play
lose2 6.818 play
Horror horror1 5.642 play
horror2 6.792 play
The scene effect doki
3.370 play
hatena 2.299 play
Japan japan 3.135 play
kaidan 4.963 play
Others isogu 5.642 play
iyo 6.661 play
okai 5.042 play
church 6.322 play
news 3.187 play


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