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The leaves of BGM

This is the page of BGM material.Please use after reading use agreement.
In addition, all files serve as 44.1khz, 128kbps, and a stereo by MP3.

It can try listening, if play is clicked.

The method of download 
When using Win, if the right click of the play is carried out, a dialog will open.
When using Mac, if play is pushed for a long time, a dialog will open.


Music name
file name time [m] play
Get Over GetOver 2:25 play
Bugs funy dance BugsFunyDance 1:58 play
Your Lie YourLie 1:52 play
The Polar Star ThePolarStar 1:55 play
Evolution evolution 2:04 play
In the lake side InTheLakeSide 2:12 play
When determining it WhenDeterminingIt 3:33 play
Unlucky day unluckyday 3:30 play
The first traveling abroad travel 2:45 play
Mr. Workaholic workaholic 2:45 play
Blue maples bmaples 3:47 play
The moon and footprints maf 4:17 play
Air flight
airf 3:26 play

Loop materials BGM
!) 「Loop audition」 may not be able to carry out a loop correctly with reproduction software.

Music name file name Loop audition play
Gentle prayers of woods woodl play


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